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38th Annual Scioto County Science Day
Published on February 15, 2019
Science Day
More than 100 students from grades 5-12 participated at the 38th Annual Scioto County Science Day, at the SOMC Friends Center, on Friday, Feb. 8, 2019.

Science Day provides students an opportunity for display and evaluation of their own inquiry-based scientific research projects. This process helps students improve their own in-depth knowledge of science, develop communication skills, improve organizational abilities and develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.

“I thought it went very well. There were a lot of good projects out there. It shows what the students are capable of when they put the time in and get excited about a project,” said District Science Day Director Dr. John Means of University of Rio Grande.

Students participated from Clay, Green, Minford, New Boston, Northwest, Notre Dame, Portsmouth, South Webster, Valley, West, and Wheelersburg schools.

“The students really have an amazing experience because the judges really do a nice job of giving the kids feedback immediately and making them feel very comfortable,” said Minford teacher Tara Byrd. “They (the South Central Ohio ESC) do a good job gathering judges that make the students feel like their projects are worthy of all the work that they put into it.”

In the first round of judging students’ projects receive a rating of Superior, Excellent, Good or Satisfactory from a team of judges. Judging panels are comprised of volunteers who are experienced in the field of science and/or education. At this point, projects are judged using the Ohio Academy of Science criteria including: knowledge achieved, use of scientific method, clarity of expression and originality and creativity. 
In the second round of judging students projects are judged for both Sponsorship awards and Special Recognition Awards. Sponsors determine their own judging criteria to determine their awards. The Special Recognition Awards are determined by judges revisiting all projects that received a Superior rating in order to compare them to one another. The Ohio Academy of Science criteria are still used, but now projects are compared to each other. 
Sponsor Awards went to the following:
• The Scioto County Farm Bureau 1st place Award of $100 was presented to Kynedi Davis of Minford and their 2nd place Award of $50 was presented to Layton Mullins of Wheelersburg. 
• The Gahm’s Pharmacy Medicine and Health Award of $50 was awarded to Josef Major of Portsmouth. 
• The Gahm’s Pharmacy II Medicine and Health Award of $50 was awarded to Dev Patel of Wheelersburg. 
• SOMC Health and Wellness Awards of $200 each were awarded to Dev Patel, Serena Kataria and Landon Evans all of Wheelersburg. 
• The Darren LeBrun Engineering Award of $100 (sponsored by Darren LeBrun) was awarded to the team project created by Dutch Byrd and Johnathan Miller of Minford. 
• The Scioto County Soil & Water Conservation District Award of $50 was awarded to Sienna Allen of Portsmouth. 
The Top 5 ESC Special Recognition Awards of $300 each were awarded to Rohit Kataria and Dev Patel of Wheelersburg; Mary Elizabeth Sherman of Valley; Barrett VanSickle and (the team project of) Dutch Byrd and Johnathan Miller of Minford. 
“It’s very impressive to see these projects,” Means said. “I’ve tried to get some of my upper-level chemistry student from the college involved in the judging and oftentimes what I’ll hear from them is that they are just amazed at the projects these kids are doing. They’ve joked that these kids’ projects made them feel bad about their own lives.”
The event was coordinated by Gifted Services Coordinator, Sharee Price, of the South Central Ohio Educational Service Center. Sponsors for the event were William and Barbara Burke, Velma Feagans, Gahm’s Pharmacy, Gahm’s Pharmacy II, Darren LeBrun, Portsmouth Rotary Club, Scioto County Farm Bureau, Scioto Foundation, Scioto County Soil & Water Conservation District, Shawnee Nature Club, Southern Ohio Medical Center and Wendy’s.
Students who receive a Superior rating at either their own school’s Science Day or Scioto County Science Day may advance to District Science Day at the University of Rio Grande on Saturday, March 23, 2019. Students receiving a Superior rating at District Science Day then advance to State Science Day in Columbus on May 11, 2019. State Science Day is the high point of student-based scientific research, and in 2019 will be entering its 71st year.   
For more information about the ESC, visit online at www.scoesc.org, or follow the ESC on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.
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