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Last Name First Name Title Email Website Phone View
Baker Carol [email protected] Details
Bender Danielle Teacher [email protected] (740) 778-2339 Details
Blaine Mandi [email protected] Details
Bodmer-Booker Denise Itinerant Preschool Teacher [email protected] (740) 354-0244 Details
Caudill Mark Attendance Officer [email protected] (740) 354-0227 Details
Copeland Kara Curriculum Consultant [email protected] (740) 354-0254 Details
Dailey Adam [email protected] Details
Davis Kristen Speech Language Pathologist [email protected] (740) 286-6442 Details
Davis Milinda Program Manager [email protected] (740) 354-0298 Details
Diddle Tiffany School Psychologist [email protected] (740) 384-6245 Details
Estep Laura Help Me Grow Service Coordinator / Home Visitor [email protected] (740) 354-0281 Details
Fowler Susan Teacher of Visually Impaired [email protected] Details
Gleim Kelly Help Me Grow Clinical Supervisor / Service Coordinator [email protected] (740) 354-0282 Details
Hambrick Tammy Curriculum Consultant [email protected] (740) 354-0251 Details
Henderson Vicki MD Teacher [email protected] (740) 354-7761 Details
Hoggard Annette MD Aide [email protected] (740) 259-2611 Details
Hoggard Tom Assistant Treasurer [email protected] (740) 354-0242 Details
Holstein Scott Assistant Superintendent [email protected] (740) 354-0226 Details
Horsley Justin Attendance Officer [email protected] (740) 354-0257 Details
Howard Manetta [email protected] Details
Jenkins Stefany Service Coordinator/Home Visitor [email protected] (740) 354-0205 Details
Kitts Carolyn Intervention Specialist- Multiple Disabilities [email protected] (740) 354-7761 Details
Lemons Carolyn Speech Language Pathologist [email protected] Details
McCleese April [email protected] Details
McGraw Christy HMG Service Coordinator [email protected] (740) 354-0284 Details
McMackin Josh Teacher [email protected] (740) 354-0393 Details
Mers Sandy Superintendent [email protected] (740) 354-0266 Details
Newman Crystal COTA/L [email protected] (740) 354-0270 Details
Newman Glenna Secretary [email protected] (740) 354-0285 Details
Ottney Ryan Director of Communications [email protected] (740) 354-0263 Details
Pence Natasha Teacher [email protected] (740) 259-2651 Details
Price Sharee Talented and Gifted Supervisor [email protected] (740) 354-0229 Details
Ramey Rachel Early Intervention Specialist [email protected] (740) 354-7761 Details
Ramey Tammy Teacher's Assistant [email protected] (740) 778-2339 Details
Riehl Andrew Treasurer [email protected] (740) 354-0234 Details
Ruby Darlene ED Teacher [email protected] (740) 354-7761 Details
Ruggles Nita MD Aide [email protected] (740) 776-6444 Details
Seaman William ABLE Director [email protected] (740) 354-0212 Details
Seth Jeremy Transition Specialist [email protected] (740) 354-0298 Details
Seth Linda Secretary [email protected] (740) 354-0267 Details
Shamhart Keith Attendance Officer [email protected] (740) 354-0261 Details
Shephard Lisa Aide [email protected] (740) 259-2611 Details
Shuff LaVonda MD Aide [email protected] (740) 354-7761 Details
Singer Ruth Preschool Teacher [email protected] Details
Smith Ken [email protected] Details
Smith Merit Maintenance [email protected] (740) 354-0257 Details
Stall Shelly Administrative Assistant [email protected] Details
Stewart Wilma Preschool Aide [email protected] (740) 354-7761 Details
Swayne Jane MD Teacher [email protected] (740) 354-7761 Details
Thomas Jan Administrative Assistant [email protected] (740) 354-0253 Details
Thompson Leah MD Teacher [email protected] (740) 776-6444 Details
Throckmorton Richard Aide [email protected] (740) 354-0298 Details
Venturino-Smith Kari MD Teacher [email protected] (740) 259-2611 Details
Wallace Dawn Curriculum Coordinator [email protected] (740) 354-0265 Details
Webb Nathan Treasurer [email protected] (740) 354-0241 Details
Wheeler Jodie Secretary [email protected] (740) 354-0223 Details
Wheelersburg Rebecca FCFC Coordinator [email protected] (740) 354-0205 Details
Whitt Lawana [email protected] Details
Willett Jesseka Preschool Intervention Specialist [email protected] (740) 354-7761 Details
South Central Ohio ESC

522 Glenwood Avenue
New Boston, OH 45662
Phone 740-354-7761
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